Working as a podiatrist for 27 years in regional NSW, I have seen my fair share of foot problems.

The majority of my clients were underground miners whose main complaint arose from their ill fitting work boots.

So, this got me thinking about better alternatives.

It’s only taken 6 years and I’ve finally built a superior waterproof safety work boot that fits!


We Built a Boot to Fit Every Foot!

When your boots fit better, the weight of the boots seems to almost disappear. This reduces fatigue and increases foot performance.

I knew I needed to build a better boot!

I wanted a boot that had the fit characteristics of leather safety boots but with the waterproof capability of rubber gumboots.

Gumboots slip around, you end up clawing your toes to get a grip or you try jamming in socks and innersoles to take up some of the space.

Alternatively you have leather boots which claim to be waterproof.

The trouble is leather eventually wears, deteriorates and cracks start appearing in the boots from the wetting and drying cycle.

The WedgeTech™ Personalised Lock-fit System

Each pair of Crawford Boots comes with six WedgeTech™ inserts. That's three sizes (S,M,L) for your left and right feet. You choose the best fit for each boot, so you get a personalised fit.

Insight - The Crawford Difference

A safety boot that both FITS and is WATERPROOF.

To make a waterproof safety boot that fits, we created the WedgeTech™ Personalised Lock-Fit System.

Our patented system locks the foot into a stable position in the boot. The wedge is inserted in the boot at the front of the ankle.

Which limits excess movement – creating a firm and secure fit.

Because no two feet and legs are the same, each pair of Crawford Boots comes with six inserts – for a personalised fit.

Footwear Injuries

Why did I need to build this boot?

Your feet are your foundations and you need proper stable support. Poorly supporting footwear results in

  • foot, leg and back muscle fatigue and aches and pains
  • loss of balance
  • more ankle injuries
  • increased chance of slips and trips
  • discomfort affecting work performance

Let’s consider the above effects in an average underground miner's shift of walking more than 10km per shift through knee high water on uneven ground and you will understand why I needed to build a better boot.